How to Unplug and HAVE FUN With Your Little One!

For most people, it can seem like our electronic devices are critical for keeping us in touch, on time and up-to-date with everything happening around us. While our Google Calendar manages appointments and social media keeps us in touch with friends and family, video games are a popular form of electronic entertainment that can inspire imagination and even connect us with other gamers across the world. However, many parents are starting to find that constant access to the virtual entertainment world may actually give our little ones too much of a seemingly good or fun thing.

Do you ever feel like your kids are glued to their Xbox or PlayStation entirely too often? As our children grow up, it’s important to help them find a balance between the joys of gaming and the real world. Here are some great ways to pull your child’s eyes away from the screen and help them enjoy physical activity, social interaction and tons of fun too!

Join a Fun Organization or Sport

While our kids get social interaction in school each day, it can be beneficial to facilitate extracurricular relationships too. The tasks and situations your child may face in the classroom will vary greatly from those they may face at a Boy or Girl Scout’s meeting or even on a recreational sports team. Various Scouts’ organizations give children the chance to try new things, learn invaluable character skills and form close relationships with their peers. In the same way, a team sport can show your child the importance of strong, trusting relationships as well as how to respond to wins and losses. Not to mention it’s a great chance for them to get active!

Plan Family Field Trips

When we think back to grade school, many of us can remember the excitement of class field trips. Kids get to escape classes for a day and experience something exciting and unusual. While your kids get field trip opportunities through school, you can turn this idea into a fun family activity for weekends too. Set aside one Saturday or Sunday each month to pack the family into the car and visit a museum, attraction or fun outdoor destination. Not only will your kids get to try fun activities and learn new things, but it’s also a great way to bring the entire family together for an afternoon.

Make Time For Physical Activity

At Jungle Joe’s we understand the important role that exercise plays in the development of our little ones’ bodies and minds. Rather than letting the kids spend hours in front of the TV over the summer break, plan fun physical activities like hikes or time at the playground. Worried about Texas heat or unexpected rain showers? At Jungle Joe’s kids can enjoy fun-filled physical activity at our unique indoor play space. Our play structure is the perfect indoor playground complete with a play kitchen, coloring space and more! Your little ones will get to make new friends while you relax and enjoy some delicious food from Joe’s Café. Join us during regular business hours for a day of fun with your little ones, or register for one of our Summer Camp programs and let the kids enjoy an entire week of fun with Jungle Joe’s!